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Rigging products or repairs within hours

Quality rigging products are essential to getting the job done right no matter the industry be it aggregate and mining, construction, municipalities or additional industrial companies. When you're broken down, time is money — you're losing daylight and profit every minute that passes. If you need a replacement rigging product or repair within hours, we can make it happen. The Construction & Aggregate Products (CAP) team processes every order using experienced recommendations and efficient manufacturing methods to meet each customer's needs and specifications.  

Our Process


Call the office, email or stop by to receive an on-the-spot quote or to submit an order. 


CAP product specialists repair your existing product or build your custom replacement part.


Pick up in-store, arrange a timely delivery or opt for your order to be shipped.

Industrial rigging chain and hook

Made-to-order rigging products

What do you need? How fast do you need it? What application is taking place? What length do you need? How are you attaching?

CAP product experts know the questions to ask and we have all the rigging construction products you need.

Rigging chain

  • Grade 100 and Grade 120 overhead lifting assemblies

  • Swivel hooks

  • Weld on hooks for buck lifting

  • Shackles (screw pin, nut bolt key and long reach)

  • Replacement latch kits for slip and locking hooks

  • Made by Pewag, C.M., Crosby, Campbell, and Gunnebo Johnson

  • See specifications

  • See standard sling types

Wire rope

  • Domestic and premium import general purpose crane cable (6x25 and 6x37)

  • Galvanized A/C cable

  • Stainless steel cable

  • Clamps (malleable and Crosby G-450), thimbles, button stops, and ferrules

  • Snatch blocks and wedge sockets

  • Pre-made cable assemblies (eye x eye, teacup and eye hook button (EHB))

  • Custom made cable assembles to order

Synthetic web slings

  • Nylon slings (eye x eye, endless and pipe slings with quick disconnect fittings)

  • Tuff Edge Nylon Slings by Lift-all

  • Poly Round Slings by Spanset

  • Sling hardware (sling saver, hooks, shackles and wear pads)

  • Custom made slings to order


  • Chain hoists

  • Cable lever hoists

  • Made by Elephant, Tiger, CM and OZ

Transport items

  • Premade transport chains in Grade 70 (5/16" and 3/8")

  • Made to order transport chains in Grade 70, 100 or 120

  • Lever and ratchet binders

  • Signs, flagging and strobes

  • Weld on D-rings

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